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About Us and Our Blog

We are two women who have served in our country's military and thrived on the challenges and adventures that our careers allowed us. During our time in the military, we each met and married a fellow service member and became sisters-in-law. We each decided to start a family and, for many reasons, decided to leave the military. Now we are the primary caretakers of our children and homes. Angela is part of an active duty military family, while Shawna’s family is fully acclimated to civilian life. Angela’s husband is an Air Force Officer and Shawna’s husband is a firefighter. Both of our husbands work very long hours.

This is our journey towards figuring out how to balance family's needs and ourselves. Enjoy!

About Angela
Hey everyone! My name is Angela and I am a domestic engineer. I hate being called a “stay-at-home mom.” I feel like that downplays the importance of everything I do. I am a military wife, mother of two boys (ages 1 and 2), and an individual always looking for creative and inspirational ideas to enhance my family’s lifestyle. As much as I love my life now, my status as a “domestic engineer” was not even on my radar a few years ago.
I was a very ambitious college student seeking to join the military after completing my degree. I joined the Air Force as an officer and was stationed in the United Kingdom as my first assignment. I met my husband Rick while living there. We married and began our journey together. We moved to South Carolina as our first assignment together as a married couple. It was less than a year later that Rick deployed to Afghanistan. About a month after he deployed, I found out I was pregnant. I was still active duty and kept very busy while he was gone. He did not get to share the experiences of our first pregnancy together except for what I would tell him on the phone once a week, if that. I was very fortunate that he came home about a month before our first baby was born.
I was able to separate from the military about four months after our baby was born. It was a very tough transition for me. Though taking care of a baby sounded ideal, it brought forth so many emotional challenges.
Four months after our first child was born, I was pregnant with our second child. Our boys were born 13 months apart. YES, I AM CRAZY! Actually, it has worked out pretty well. The boys are growing up together and hopefully going to be the best of friends.

To keep sane takes a lot of balancing. I’m not perfect, but I feel that I have found a creative outlet that helps me to be happy and be the best parent I can for my two kids. Whether it is helping military or former military families with challenges specific to them, discovering exciting and creative ways to enhance the busy family lifestyle, or sharing my experiences and what creative ideas I instilled,  I’m hoping that some of the experiences that have helped me as a mother and wife can help you in your journey as a happier parent.

About Shawna
I'm Shawna. I graduated from Texas Woman's University with a Bachelor's in Psychology. Afterwards I joined the Army as a nurse and medic. For six years, I was able to follow my passion for traveling by visiting various states and countries. After the Army my life took some good and bad turns. I am now single mom working towards getting my small family back on our feet. Through the hard times I've learned that I'm my strength and resiliency is endless. However, I am not climbing the mountains of hardship alone. My family and friends have provided endless encouragement and support and are the reason why I'm still standing on two feet.  To those of you going through a rough patch, don't give up and keep climbing. There is no paradise at the end of this big climb, because there will be another mountain to climb after this one, but there is hope and happiness to be found. There is beauty in this world!

My portion of this blog is still about sharing my journey of creating purpose, hope, fun and love - it just looks a little different now.