Thursday, January 19, 2017

Me, Myself and I - Ohh and a friend or two!!

Me, Myself & I -- Oh and a friend or two!


Here I am again on another Sis Boom blog tour! The theme for this blog tour is all about sewing for ourselves, which for me is difficult since I have two small children. Kids are so much easier, cheaper and quicker to sew for - plus they freaking grow like weeds and are constantly needing new clothes.

For this blog tour I enlisted the help of two of my friends who are novice sewers. I don’t think either of them have sewn a garment for themselves before. If you are new to sewing for yourself, you really can’t go wrong with a Sis Boom pattern, the instructions are great and very thorough. Add to that the patterns come with many basic alterations already put into the pattern!
And if you know anything about Sis Boom’s blog tour, you know there are some awesome giveaway prizes, be sure to read to the bottom!!

We went to my favorite boutique shop, Mimosa Goods, to take pictures. What I love about Sarah’s shop is that she stocks items that fall in one of three categories; ethically made/fair trade, organic/earth friendly, or locally made. If you are local to central New Jersey her shop is just amazing, and it sits in the middle of downtown Bordentown - which offers lots of little shops and restaurants. If you aren’t local no worries, her little shop is online too! (And no I was not reimbursed in anyway to say all that - I just love her shop and supporting her business.)  

Let me introduce you to our first model, Elaine. She sewed up the Devon using a polyknit from JoAnns. This isn’t Elaine’s first rodeo with being a part of a Sis Boom blog tour, her daughter was a model for the “Back To School” tour that was hosted in August. Her husband was also the photographer for our photo shoot - how awesome is that!


Elaine chose to go with the gathered sleeves and ribbon tie neck options.

In terms of being a beginner sewer, this top was fairly easy. The most difficult thing about this shirt was the fabric - oh that fabric. We actually gave up trying to sew it on her machine and used my serger and sewing machine. After that, in terms of construction, the gathers and attaching them was something Elaine and I did together. Elaine figured out the neckline with the notch on her own!! This pattern is also stellar in terms that is has a loose fit and the option to have an adjustable neckline - this really allows you to sew up a garment that you will wear.


Up next is Shannon. She sewed up the Tortola in a thrift store fabric, I think it was similar to a lawn or voile. This pattern was a little tricky, in that it is cut on the bias. We found it easier to cut out the pieces not on the fold (so print the pattern twice and tape together). There is plenty of ease built in that it could also be cut on the straight of grain.
And if you think that necklace is divine - it is from the little shop we were taking our pictures in, you can find it here!

With the Tortola the sewing was easy going, as it is a simple tank that is finished with facings. The only tricky part that I did for Shannon was to understitch the facings, but that is a learned technique and isn’t necessary. In regards to the fit we do need to do a pattern adjust with the bust dart, it is about two inches to low for her, but don’t let that deter you. This pattern comes with the option to chose a full bust adjustment - for those that have to do this on the regular this really makes this pattern stand out!

And lastly me, your host for today! A little side note, I’m wearing three inch heels -- and am still incredibly short next to these women, this really gave our photographer obstacles to overcome :) I sewed up the Patricia in a faux twill from JoAnn - I’m not really sure what it was but it was a nice fabric to work with.

I wanted a more fitted shirt so used the finished measurements listed to determine the size I sewed up. The pattern also really lends itself for color blocking.

I really can’t wait to make myself a summer cover up with this pattern!

And if you like my necklace and bracelet, I’m sure you can guess where I got them, yep at my favorite little shop here! I had picked these items up the last time I had been in Mimosa Goods, they are made by a company called “The Shine Project”.


It was such a fun project working with these two incredible women, and I’m so lucky to have friends like them!

If you’d like to enter to win a free pattern enter the Rafflecopter link below!! The winner gets to choose one of the patterns we sewed up, Devon, Tortola, or Patricia!
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I would like to thank Jason for being our awesome photographer and Sarah for allowing us to use her shop, Mimosa Goods, as the location for our pictures.

Check out Sis Boom’s Facebook group for more “selfish” sewing ideas!

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Written by: Shawna
We were each given a free pattern for participating in this blog tour!


  1. Love all 3 patterns and the fabric choices. I think Patricia will be a summer sew for me.

  2. All are gorgeous tops but I am partial to the Patricia.

  3. These are all so gorgeous! I especially love how you color blocked the Patricia. I really wish I had sewing friends close by!

  4. Great patterns and great fabric choices.

  5. I have wanted to try the Devon forever! I love Sis Boom patterns. Otherwise the wovens in my stash just sit and languish. 😃

  6. Lovely choices for all of you!

  7. I think I'd like to make the tortola. I have some polka dot rayon challis that has been waiting to be a tank!

  8. Love them all! I don't know if I can choose my favourite pattern from those 3!

  9. I think I'd like to make the tortola. I have some polka dot rayon challis that has been waiting to be a tank!