Friday, December 16, 2016

Don't Forget The Boy - Sis Boom Holiday Tour


I’m so excited about today’s post. Little C is making his first appearance in a blog tour and looking handsome too in his mama made Ethan Shirt from Sis Boom. This was Little C’s first photo shoot where I had an objective, and after this photo shoot I’m going to need some recovery time. Trying to take good pictures of a 2 year old (with a energetic almost 5 year old in tow), while not having the camera on automatic, and using a new 50mm lense with no zoom was interesting to say the least.

Yesterday I shared my post for Sis Boom’s Holiday Tour. For the tour I had chosen to sew up the Betsey Apron and Ethan Shirt, however when it came to writing the post about these creations - I couldn’t figure out how to combine the two sets of pictures together. The problem laid in the fact that there was no way I was letting little mister decorate brownies in a white shirt - nope not happening! Luckily Sis Boom was game for me posting twice for this Holiday Tour! Plus he is just so darn cute in his Ethan shirt that he really does deserve his on post!


I took Little C to his daddy’s work for his pictures, both of the kids love going to visit daddy and getting to see the fire trucks. Even better, my husband is now working at a firehouse that is just five minutes away and right across street from our favorite park - which means lots of visits.

front seat2.jpg


Little C was a good sport, it was a blistering 20 degrees outside with a lot of gusty winds, his only requirement to have his picture taken without a jacket was that he wear his elephant hat - he insisted very strongly about that. I just love this hat, I had gotten for him for Halloween (he was an elephant) from the Etsy shop Emily’s Purlfect Knits, she custom made this hat for him and it is just wonderful. I always have the hardest time finding a hat that fits Little C as he has a small head circumference - they are either too short but have a good snug fit, or long enough but way too loose.



Now a little about this shirt, it was the first time I’d sewn a collar stand. It’s also the first time I’ve sewn cuffs with a fancy slit opening. Maybe it would just be easier to say this was my first collared button down shirt :) The instructions for this pattern were phenomenal, as intricate as all the details were I never got confused or lost. I also really love how the pattern is drafted with all the sizing options, it really allows for a custom fit.

Red bench1.jpg

Here Little C is holding a fire truck I made from felt. The fire truck is part of a Quiet Book firehouse set I made a few years ago. It’s the cutest little pattern that I picked up from Stephanie over at Imagine Our Life, and even better the patterns are free! Normally there is a ladder and other accessories on the firetruck but big sis was playing them, and Little C will only sit still for a small amount of time before he has to start moving again - so alas it is what it is.


This little guy has the cutest face!


And the cutest facial expressions!


The kids are pretty lucky too, Ed is the most amazing father!

Thanks for stopping by again, it’s so fun sharing my sewing creations and photography with y’all! I hope this Holiday season is full of lots of cheer and good health for each of you! If you are in need of an apron pattern I’m giving away the Betsey apron, you can find out more here! And here is the line-up for Sis Boom’s Holiday Tour, there are so many wonderful makes please check them out!

Written by: Shawna

P.S. I just love this photo - I’m still very much learning how to take good pictures and this one is just so cute, even if I focused on his nose instead of his eyes!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cherished Family Memories and Sis Boom Patterns

Holiday Tour Group with brownies.jpg

Thanks for stopping by for Sis Boom’s Holiday Tour. I sewed up four completely reversible Betsey Aprons for my grandmother, mom, myself and daughter! It was such a blessing that four generations of my family were able to get together to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. Sis Boom has also generously given Troops To Tots a copy of the Betsy Apron to giveaway so you can make your own aprons and create some cherished family memories, and just in time if you need a quick christmas gift to sew. The Betsey Apron has you covered as it features 3 sizes (child, misses, and women).
And visit us again tomorrow as I am featuring another Sis Boom pattern, the Ethan Shirt.

My family isn’t too big on cooking, we actually ordered our Thanksgiving dinner from the grocery store this year. But for good reason, since it is pretty rare to have so many of us together for a holiday we wanted to spend it enjoying each other’s company - not cooking. However we put our aprons to work baking some brownie deliciousness (and heating up dinner!).


This is Little E and her yiayia (my mom). There is a funny story behind how my mom’s grandbabies started calling her yiayia (which is Greek for grandmother). Little E and I moved in with my parents when she was 3 months old and stayed for 10 months. My husband was stationed overseas in Japan at the time and my parents took pity on me and let us stay with them so I didn’t have to be alone raising a baby, thank goodness for family. Emily didn’t say any actual words while we were living with my parents, but that wasn’t going to stop my mom from finding some syllable that Little E could say easily (because “grandma” was just going to take too long). Little E’s favorite syllable at the time were “blah blah” and so my mom ran with it and found the closest sounding thing to grandma, yiayia. And now all her grandbabies call her yiayia! It has led to some funny encounters when those who speak Greek hear Little E call my mom yiayia and naturally they think we speak Greek.  This usually requires some explaining.


This is my grandmother and me in our aprons. I don’t get to see her as often as I would like as she lives in Idaho and I live in New Jersey. Putting it mildly, I was ecstatic when I found out she would be flying to Texas so we could have a small family reunion.   Don’t we look so festive in our aprons!!


I decided to break a rule and let Little E have some brownie batter. Does anyone else feel like they’ve been hit in head when they see a photo of their child. This one hit me like a train, she just won’t stop growing and she doesn’t look like the little girl that I see in my head.


In the midst of our photo shoot we were also “cooking” Thanksgiving dinner. My poor mother wanted to keep wiping her hands on her apron while she was cooking, she had to keep reminding herself not to.

group deco1.jpg

After stuffing ourselves crazy with Thanksgiving dinner we decorated our brownie Christmas trees, still looking festive in our aprons.

group deco4.jpg

It was such a wonderful thing to have been able to do this, and to give something to my grandmother and mom - something I had made for them.
group deco3.jpg

When designing the aprons I decided to make them completely reversible. As drafted the waistband and ties are the same fabric on both sides. However I wanted to have Christmas themed on one side and a rest of the year fabric on the other side. If you want to do the same thing it was an extremely easy hack - just divide the waistband and ties measurements in half (lengthwise) then add seam allowances to one side of each. When cutting out the fabric remember that you will now need to cut out double of everything. Than sew the pieces together so you end up with the end size of the waistband and ties. Also consider what color binding you will use for the apron since it will be seen on both sides.

Here’s our apron combinations:

Thanks for stopping by and I hoped you enjoyed a little festive brownie making! If you would like to enter to win a copy of the Betsey Apron click on the link below:

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They are also many wonderful bloggers creating some festive makes for this Holiday Tour.
  • Ms. Podge made a gorgeous Patricia Tunic that she took overseas, and made a matching tunic for her daughter using the Sophie pattern. 
  • Amy over at Anna's Heirloom used a vintage pillowcase to create a one-of-a-kind dress for her daughter using the Gabriella Fae pattern.
  • Kelly of Handmade Boy sewed up the Ethan and Marco Shirt for her boys. Her attention to detail is just amazing - plus that triangle fabric is just calling my name!
  • M from Flying by the Seam of My Pants had an interesting attempt at making the Judy Pants.
  • Shanna of Sparrow in Flight sewed up 5 garments for her daughter, each one for a special day. 
  • Becca of Sunflower Seams and one of my favorite people sewed up a gorgeous Marissa. I just love her fabric choices, and that elegant Christmas tree!
  • Amy of a Crazy Craft Lady made an embellished Leighanna, using a girl's favorite pompoms to add some festive energy to her creation. She also has the cutest chronicle of the Leighanna's she's made her daughter over the years!! The giveaway is still open, it's a rafflecopter link, look right above the chronicle photos.
  • Lisa from Glitter in My Coffee sewed up the Gabriella Fae using a very fun Christmas print. And the dress even made an appearance on the stage! The giveaway for this pattern is still open too. 
And don't forget to check back tomorrow for the Ethan shirt and on the 19th to see what Cookies n Bees sewed up.

Written by: Shawna