Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What I Made for the Auction Benefitting the American Childhood Cancer Organization

Yesterday we kicked off our blog tour to help spread the word about the auction myself and several other people are putting together to raise money for the American Childhood Cancer Organization, you can read it here. Please join our Facebook group and see what we have available, and more items are being added! Our auction will be held from October 27th - 28th. Today I wanted to share the items that I personally made for the auction!

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Blog Tour for “Go Gold©” Auction
Benefiting the American Childhood Cancer Organization

19th The Adventures of Bubba and Bug and Troops To Tots Giveaway is 5 copies of “Wild Things” by Molly Goodall
Giveaway is 6 month subscription to Seamwork Magazine
Giveaway is $20 gift certificate to PhatQuarters and pattern stash
Giveaway is $50 gift certificate to Pattern Review
Giveaway is $20 gift certificate to UpCraft Club

Giveaway is the book “Building Block Dress” by Lisel Gibson of Oliver & S.
GO GOLD® is the registered trademark of the American Childhood Cancer Organization

Up first, I sewed up one of my favorite patterns by Oliver & S, the Sailboat Top. I have made several of these and it is my got-to pattern when making my son “nice” shirts. You can see my son looking extra adorable in his Sailboat top here and here! With the shirt that I designed for this auction I chose to add a sailboat applique, and even went a little crazy using a new stitch when sewing it on.  

Along with the applique, I used a hemstitch needle to create a decorative stitch when attaching the facings. I’m in love with how it turned out, and am so glad I didn’t make this in my son’s size, because I probably would have kept it :) Sidenote: if you love Oliver & S as much as I do, check back with us on October 26th when Karly from Paisley Roots is giving as a copy of Liesel Gibson’s new book “Building Block Dress

Up next are two leopard skirts I made using one of our sponsors’ patterns. Molly Goodall generously donated five copies of her book “Wild Things”, which has 15 animal themed garments. I first fell in love with this book when I saw the bunny coat, and this coat is seriously the most worn coat in my house. These skirts were so much fun to sew, and my daughter was extremely thrilled when I messed one up enough (tiny tiny hole) that I gave it to her instead of auctioning it. If you would like a chance to win one of the copies of this book, head over to Essence’s blog to enter!

Next (did I mention I did a lot of sewing for this auction!) I teamed with Joan from Eudacide to make a gift perfect for any new parent or grandparent! We made a two-piece diaper bag kit. Joan made a gorgeous tote bag (along with donating that fantastic fabric), while I made a diaper bag insert using a pattern from “Little One Yard Wonders”.

Next I made two raglan shirts using Titchy Threads Safari Pattern.

And one Rowan tee from Titchy Threads!

And lastly I made some tags that are very useful in my house. We use them to label water bottles, lunch bags, or anything else that needs to be easily identified. I made this pattern myself and I wrote a post on how to make your own here. The tags are made out of the same material used for cloth diapers, which makes them super easy to wipe clean.


  1. That Sailboat top is gorgeous. My machine doesn't have any fancy decorative stitches, I'm a little jealous!
    I'm not familiar with the American Childhood Cancer Organization, but my brother is a survivor of medulloblastoma, so it's a subject often on my mind.

    1. Sarah, you would be surprised what a basic machine can do. With the hemstitch needle all you need is to pick a stitch that goes in and out of the small hole at least twice to help create that open hole look. The needle should fit on any machine!!

  2. That is a lot of things. The skirt is super cute.

    1. Creshone thank you! On Essence's blog "Adventures of Bubba and Bug" she is giving away 5 copies of that book that contains this pattern.

  3. So many cute items, and all for a great cause!

  4. Loving the tags idea! Thanks for the great post

  5. What an amazing way to support a great cause!

  6. Lots of great creations for a great cause! Good Work!

  7. Thanks for making this all happen!

  8. I love the idea of having an auction with all sorts of handmade with love items for such a great cause.