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The Makers of the Pediatric Cancer Warrior's Auction

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When I set out to raise money for childhood cancer warriors, I didn’t really think it would happen. I figured I’d give it my best, then just end up making a donation to a charity instead. I assumed because I have a small blog (very small), don’t having a sewing based business, and don’t have connections that there was no way anybody would take a chance on this project. However instead of quietly fizzling out into obscurity, people decided to jump on board. Bloggers that I have been reading for a long while and look up to and a business owner whose shop I frequent took a chance on this project; which is just beyond incredible to me, but I also felt like I had jumped off a cliff into deep water. Luckily we have been able to climb over any hurdles that have presented themselves and am now are just a few days away from the start our the auction!!

During our blog tour you’ve been able to, or will meet our generous, supportive and kind bloggers that have been the heart of this auction. Truly all you need to do is look at what they donated to know that they didn’t just give this a once over, but they genuinely made heartfelt items. Along with our bloggers we also have our more quiet donors, the ones who have made or given things but have no platform in which to promote their items in the auction, and that is what today’s post is about.

Up first is Joan from Eudacide. I met her through a friend only by coincidence. I remember my friend, Shannon, mentioning once that she had a quilter friend who wanted to donate some items when we were all working on a different project together. A few months later I found myself in that deep water I mentioned above, and started clawing at anything that could help with the auction, so I shamelessly hit up my friend to introduce us. After that a friendship was born, we even collaborated on one of the donation items together, a diaper bag - and that was just so much fun!

I am so grateful to Joan, she was the first big donor that signed up, she added several items to our inventory at the very beginning, it was the boost I needed to keep up the shameless begging routine! The first thing Joan donated was this beautiful quilt.

And once we started talking, I think I endeared myself to her and she took pity on me and just kept sewing up things for the auction. She even quilted this beyond adorable doll’s quilt. It may or may not be on my bidding list!

If you aren’t the winning bid for one of Joan’s items, or need something for the Holidays, check out her shop on Etsy. Joan is also offering 10% off any item with the coupon code 10ACCO, it expires February 20, 2017!! And side note to Joan, as I’m fairly certain you are reading this, you are amazing, generous and thoughtful. It is a privilege to have gotten to know you and to call you a friend. Thank-you so much for trusting me with these wonderful items to auction!

Next up is Lauren from Cutey Patootie Booties. Lauren joined the auction after I begged my Facebook friends to donate something. Lauren and I go all the way back to high school. We were on the Cologuard and Winterguard team together, don’t worry if you don’t know what those are - just know they are the most awesome people in the world and yes to settle the debate, Winterguard is a sport :)  

Lauren generously answered the pity call by donating a gift certificate for pair of custom made booties. What I think is really nice about these booties is that for any size over 12 months they have a skid proof bottom. If you aren’t the winner of these cutey booties, she’s got you covered in her shop with a large selection of fabric!

Lastly, during that same begging post I made on Facebook a friend of mine (who also donated some wonderful hairbows and pins for the auction) decided to carry the torch a little further and asked a local store owner if she’d like to donate something, and so came to be Mimosa Goods joined us.
I think going into Mimosa Goods was a double edged sword for me, when I went to pick-up the amazing necklace and earrings that was be donating, I saw all the other things that Sarah had in her shop, and well I do believe I will be dropping by again (and again). And beyond just the items that are carried in Mimosa Goods, I think what I really connected with the most is the mission of this shop. It is a company that I want to support based on the criteria Sarah requires of the items she sells; 1) is it ethically made/fair trade 2) organic/earth friendly or 3) locally made. And she doesn’t stop there, 10% of her profits go to charities. If all those things sound awesome to you, check out her online shop - it is just a treasure trove of social good buys!

Along with our women-owned business donors, we also had some incredible women make items for the auction just for, well going to guess their love of making me stop asking for things :)

My friend Elaine made this Christmas/Valentine Day themed tutu and headband!
My friend Trisha made these bows and pins!

Please check out our auction, it will be October 27th and 28th on Facebook, and if you have the time share it, oh please share it.
Oh, and  I should mention today Gemia from the PhatQuarters Fabric shop is giving a $50 gift certificate to Pattern Review! Yeah I said $50, so check our her blog for how to enter to win!! Along with that our other giveaway are still open until midnight of October 26th!

Drawing for BFPCW.png
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19th The Adventures of Bubba and Bug and Troops To Tots Giveaway is 5 copies of “Wild Things” by Molly Goodall
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Giveaway is $50 gift certificate to Pattern Review
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  1. So many great donations here! Such a great cause to be helping.