Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Let The Auction Begin (Tomorrow)

Today we bring our blog tour to an end. Tomorrow, is a big day for us, the Bloggers for Pediatric Cancer Warriors. Tomorrow we wait in anticipation and hope that all our efforts pay off, and we are able to donate the $500 we set out to raise. Please join our Facebook auction page and tomorrow make a bid. Every cent raised in our auction is being donated directly to the American Childhood Cancer Organization, in support of their mission to help our warriors in the battle for their futures.

Personally this past week has been especially emotional for me. I’ve received a few emails and Facebook messages from families sharing their stories, and thanking me for our support in the fight against childhood cancer. It was hard to read some of the hardships that these families are going through. The biggest themes of the letters were that of hope and a desire to be acknowledged and supported. The amount of grace and steadiness these families have shown while coping with a child fighting for their life leaves me in awe. When things got overwhelming for me this past week while organizing the auction and blog tour, I just kept thinking about the words I had read, and dug deeper.

I know our goal is small with this auction, but it is so much more than zero and so much more than if we hadn’t done anything. With that said, and to continue what Erin of Isabella Santos’ Foundation did to me, I challenge you to do something. Any action or amount is more than nothing, just let that swirl in your mind for a minute. Now really embrace the idea that any action you take towards this cause is more than nothing. Your action can be something quiet that no one else knows about, or something loud shouted from the mountain top - it is all more than zero. I implore you to do more than zero!

For all those that have given so much for this event, I want to say thank-you, and as this is the last day and my last opportunity, I would like to take some space on my blog to tell you about the incredible people I got to work with. Also please consider supporting these women and companies in the future, I’ve provided links to everyone so you can easily reference them, bookmark them, or add them to your favorites.

  • First to Shauna of Team Trucker and Erin of Isabella Santos’ Foundation - f*#$ cancer
  • Becca of Sunflower Seams - Thank-you for being the co-organizer I needed to take my idea and turn it into this.
  • Seana of Weekly Auction for Gwen Edwards - Your mentorship and words of encouragement and advice really helped me get a better idea of how to shape the auction, thank-you for taking the time and talking with me.  
  • American Childhood Cancer Organization, especially Jessica and Christy - Thank-you for answering my emails, talking to me on the phone and supporting our auction.
  • To the bloggers - y’all rock. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of women to work with on my first blog tour/auction/fundraiser. You rolled with the punches, offered up guidance and support, suffered through an innumerable amount of annoyances that went along with dealing with a novice, showed immense grace and dedication, wrote amazing blog posts and made the wonderful items in our auction. Seriously y’all rock and your presence took this auction from an idea to a reality, it would not have happened if it wasn’t for your support. The bloggers were Essence, Amy, Becca, Gemia, Indu and Karly
  • To our giveaway donors - I still can’t believe y’all took a chance on me and this tour and donated items. I am forever grateful to have had your support. Our donors were Molly Goodall, Seamwork, PhatQuarters, Pattern Review, UpCraftClub and Paisley Roots.
  • To the donors that filled our auction with all those beautiful items, you have the most generous hearts and I am so thankful for your support. Our donors were Eudacide, Cutey Patootie Booties, Mimosa Goods, NY Red Bulls, Elaine, and Trisha.
  • To my parents - When I told them about my idea of this auction, they told me they would be all in with their bank account. I can’t tell you how many times when I was trying to motivate myself I’d think that at least I knew I had one bidder. Thank-you and I love you!!

And lastly to you the bidders. We would have nothing to give the American Childhood Cancer Organization if you weren’t here. Thank-you for showing-up, bidding on the items and supporting our cancer warriors.

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Blog Tour for “Go Gold©” Auction
Benefiting the American Childhood Cancer Organization

19th The Adventures of Bubba and Bug and Troops To Tots Giveaway is 5 copies of “Wild Things” by Molly Goodall
Giveaway is 6 month subscription to Seamwork Magazine
Giveaway is $20 gift certificate to PhatQuarters and pattern stash
Giveaway is $50 gift certificate to Pattern Review
Giveaway is $20 gift certificate to UpCraft Club

Giveaway is the book “Building Block Dress” by Lisel Gibson of Oliver & S.
GO GOLD® is the registered trademark of the American Childhood Cancer Organization

Written by: Shawna

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  1. Again, you are doing some great work here! I'm planning to scope the auction for sure!