Monday, September 26, 2016

Popsicle Fall Cards

Fall Fun Kids Crafts:
By Angela
I absolutely love fall! It is my favorite time of year! I have so many fun craft ideas for my little guys to partake in. Here is one we did last year!
Popsicle sticks (a package should work for about 3-4 of these)
Glue gun or strong glue
Googly eyes
Various colors of construction paper
Permanent marker
I prepped these the night before because it was just easier. I started by lining up about 5-6 popsicle sticks next to each other. I then glued 2 additional popsicle sticks horizontally to those 5-6 vertical ones, basically just to secure them in place. That’s it!
The next day, my kids were able to decorate their popsicle sticks with paint, googly eyes, construction paper, glitter, really anything you have on hand.
We made Frankenstein and pumpkins and sent them as Halloween cards to friends and family!
This would make a great fun and easy craft for playdates!

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