Monday, September 5, 2016

DIY Birthday Cards

Birthday Card Ideas:
By Angela
Birthday season appears to be coming up on my calendar! Being a busy mom, I try to get a lot of my birthday cards done in advance. I also hold a special place in my heart for personalized cards, anyone can buy a card, but putting the time in to make one is much more meaningful!
Here are some ideas for birthday cards for friends and family!
1.       What was happening in 19XX?
I use a website called and search the year during which the birthday recipient was born. I find all kinds of interesting facts about the year they were born in and add them to this fun card! You can print your final product on some cool scrapbook paper as well!
Birthday Card.jpg
2.       Funny Aging Cards:
I made this one for my dad. He had a crazy sense of style back in the day!
Birthday card aging.jpg

The card below I made for my mom’s 60th birthday.IMG_20150911_102824350.jpg
3.       Birthdays Around Holidays:
My brother’s birthday is around Halloween so I thought this card was perfect for him. I’m sure he will never see this blog, so hopefully I don’t embarrass him in front of any current or future girlfriends. This is just a funny picture of him dressed up when we were younger!
Halloween card.jpg
Birthday Card 2.jpg
4.       3D Cards:
Yes! You actually can mail these through the post office! This is a slice of cake that I made for my sister who I couldn’t be there to celebrate her birthday with. I took a yellow sponge that I found at the grocery store, cut it into a cake slice shape. I carved out a thin layer in the middle side for a frosting layer. I spray painted it brown (you can use any color depending on the type of cake you want to make). Once that dried, I used black caulk as my frosting to fill in that thin layer on the middle side as well as the top and back.
Finally I cut out a piece of cardboard and glued it to one side of the cake for my note and address label!
Birthday Card 3.jpg

5.       Birthday Notes:
This card is was using scrapbook paper and some buttons. I simply made the music notes for the classic birthday song and used buttons for the circle at the bottom of the notes!
6.       Funny Husband Birthday Card:
Isn’t this the truth?! Especially after having kids!

7.       A Card From the Kids: IMG_20150911_102836465_HDR.jpgWho doesn’t love a card from a kid, especially their grandchildren! I had made sons stamp their hands on to white paper to represent flowers, attached green fuzzy piping to the hand prints and wrapped it in scrapbook paper like a bouquet of flowers!

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