Saturday, August 20, 2016

Review of "150+ Screen-Free Activities For Kids"

A friend of mine recommended the book “150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids” by Asia Citro. I have seen this book a few times at the bookstore, however just breezed right past it due to the title, pretty judgmental on my part. My library also didn’t carry a copy of this book, and in general I don’t like to buy something I can’t test drive first. After finally being convinced to look over her book, I realized this was a treasure trove of ideas of things I could do with the kids. The book has 7 chapters which includes information and ideas various types of doughs, paints, sensory activities and more. It is very well organized, contains information about allergies, ages and preparation time right up front! Along with the book, Asia’s website “Fun At Home With Kids” is a great resource too. My daughter loves to pull this book off my shelf and look through it for things to do.

The first activity we tackled was the “No-Cook Fingerpaints”. Asia has a tutorial for another variation of this you can find here. The recipe we used from the book was safe to eat, however I tried my best not to encourage that, specially with the one-year old. It took about 10 minutes to set-up and afterwards both kids required a bath. Minus bathtime it took about 10 minutes to clean-up. We did this activity after dinner but before the regularly scheduled bathtime. Both kids loved this activity and played for about 20 minutes, which is impressive. Here are some pictures of us at play!






Next up is we did the painting with shaving cream. This is a lot of fun for the kids and to help contain the mess we do this in the bathtub. You can get more information on Asia’s website here. The setup for this is quite simple, I use baking pans, shaving cream, liquid watercolors, and paint brushes for this activity.

One of Little E’s favorite things from the book is the baked cotton balls. After creating these funny little balls of joy, for some reason Little E wanted to use her tools on them, it was pretty awesome to watch.



We have done the Puffy Paint too. I don’t know if the kids really cared that it puffed up, but they really enjoyed squirting the bottles!


The last thing I’ll show is the Chia Seed water beads. We have done this a few times! First we used it as a slime, and than we used liquid watercolors to make waterbeads.  DSC_3294.JPG



We have done so much more from the book than what I’ve shown above, but I think our love for this book is pretty clear, this is one of my favorite books for kids. I would also like to say that I bought my book, and was not asked to provide this review. This is my opinion on an awesome resource out there for parents!

Written by: Shawna

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