Monday, August 22, 2016

DIY Felt City Car Mat

DIY Felt City Car Mat
By Angela
I’m not sure if it is just a boy thing, but my one and two year old boys LOVE playing with little cars. I decided to make them a little felt city to drive their cars on. These are super easy, though a little time consuming due to the detail. You can do as little detail or as much detail as you want! I made two of them so far, and one was a gift for Shawna’s son. I made his like a little New Jersey town, since they live in New Jersey. Go crazy with it though! I have basic instructions below with some ideas to make your very own!
Large green felt square (mine was 3x3 feet)- Michael’s or even Walmart
Various colors of felt
Fabric glue (something strong that won’t allow for easy removal)
Let’s get started!
I started with my roads by using black strips of felt, making some roads straight and others curvy. I cut out small white rectangles for lane separators. Starting with your road makes it easy to see the layout of your town and where all your town businesses should go.
Ideas for car stops include: a farm, playground, gas station, the woods, a beach, hospital, church, fire department, police station, construction zone, the pool, the zoo, an airport, a downtown, a bridge, a parking lot, a neighborhood, and much more!
We used extra toys, like a farmer at the farm or the bulldozer at the construction site above, to add more character to the mat!

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