Thursday, July 21, 2016

Learning To Draw A Giraffe With Art For Kids Hub

Our book this month is “Giraffes Can’t Dance”. Compared with last month’s writing a fractured fairytale activity, I struggled to think of one that revolved around the book for this month. I finally decided to use the main character, Gerald the Giraffe, as my inspiration.
I’ve been trying to focus Emily on drawing actual things instead of abstract art :) The tool that has helped the most in making it interesting and fun is Rob’s website Art For Kids Hub. I found his site through YouTube when I was researching a technique called watercolor resist for our project for the book “Guess How Much I Love You” and I’ve been hooked ever since. Right now we utilize his step-by-step videos on how to draw, and luckily enough he had one about giraffes that can be found here, and it’s free. Little E’s giraffe is the one in her right hand, and the one I drew is in her left hand.

We are members to his website too, which gives us access to his printables, amongst other things. Rob is really responsive, so if you have any questions or requests don’t be afraid to send him an email. He actually downloaded the giraffe printable for me onto the members page which was amazing!  It allowed Little E to trace the lines before we did the video. If you think this might be something you’d like you can get more information about becoming a member here. I would like to mention that I am in no way being compensated for this post nor was I contacted about writing this post featuring Art Hub For Kids, I just really love the website! It’s been a lifesaver when I am trying to get dinner made, I put on one of the drawing videos for Little E and that keeps her happy while I cook.

I hope you enjoy this activity!

Written by: Shawna

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