Monday, July 25, 2016

DIY Outdoor Chalkboard

My husband and I are starting the slow process of turning our backyard into the outdoor living space/playspace that our family needs/wants. And when I say slowly, I mean slowly. There are so many things that keep cutting in line for our attention and money. One of the big things that cut in line was getting new concrete poured for our driveway, garage and sidewalks. I liked to call it our country gravel road, it was in pretty poor shape. To go along with all of that we wanted a new outdoor shed to store all of our stuff, specially in the winter. In the process of getting the new shed into the backyard, and over the day old concrete, we had to use large pieces of plywood to protect the concrete. With this leftover plywood just looking for a new purpose we decided to create an outdoor chalkboard for our kids!

This project was fairly simple. We set up the plywood on some stands in the basement so it would be out of the way but have a safe place while the layers of paint cured. First up I sealed the wood with a outdoor primer on the front and back and let that dry for the recommended time, and then some! Up next came multiple layers of outdoor chalkboard paint that we picked up from the local home improvement store. My husband screwed two hooks to the back of the board and hung it on the fence. That was it!!

The chalkboard has been outside for some pretty vicious weather and is still in great shape, no warping. The rain actually cleans off the chalkboard which is super nice. The only downside is that we don’t have a storage place for the chalk next to the chalkboard.

Written by: Shawna



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