Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Writing A Fractured Fairy Tale With A Preschooler

Our book this month is “I Thought This Was A Bear Book” by Tara Lazar. The colliding of the different fairy tales were funny and I really enjoyed reading the book to my daughter till we had to return it to the library. The book is considered a fractured fairy tale which is when a fairy tale is used but the character(s), viewpoint, or plot are changed.

I decided to try and write a fractured fairy tale with Little E. She can’t write yet, but she has an incredible imagination. To help us, we used our story stones that I had made about two years ago. I had taken some rocks and painted a picture on each one and they are now in a well loved, paint chiping condition. The story stones are great for my daughter because she can physically manipulate them while telling a story (A warning if you are going to make your own story stones, the paint chips off even though I had thought Mod Podge would seal it, so be sure your little one won’t put these in their mouth. Or better yet if you find a way to seal the paint better on the rocks, let us know!). The story stones are easily substituted with numerous things, such as drawings or maybe even using pictures from other books.  We also loosely used a guide from Ms. Lazar’s website to help us get started on how to write our own fractured fairy

Here’s how we did it!

  1. Pick out a fairy tale. There are numerous resources where these tales can be found for free. Just pre-read the story first, I came across some odd or not kid friendly variations of Little Red Riding Hood in my search.
  2. Next I had Little E summarize the fairy tale back to me. I wanted to make sure she understood what I had read her. We also discussed any questions that she had.
  3. Lastly we grabbed our story stones and laid them out. I started the story by saying “Little Red Riding Hood” and then Little E picked up a stone and just ran with the story. I wrote the story down as she was telling it.

This is Little E’s first “published” story!

Little Red Riding Hood saw a rainbow. She wanted to play with it because it was so colorful, but Little Red’s mother said no. Little Red begged and begged to play with the rainbow and her mother changed her mind and said yes. But the Big Bad Wolf had stolen the rainbow. Little Red asked her friend Lady Bug to help find the rainbow. The two girls jumped into their space rocket and went high into the sky and looked for the rainbow. They finally found it at Crocodile Lagoon. They very quietly grabbed the rainbow and flew away. They put the rainbow back into the sky, and the rainbow was so thankful to the girls for rescuing it, it gave them a pot of cookies. The End

My daughter had a blast with this activity. She is so proud of her story and wants to turn it into a book and make pictures for it. I loved watching her excitement during the process and also how her mind worked, Little Red begged and begged to play with the rainbow until her mother changed her mind!

Let us know how this activity went for you and share your child’s story with us!

Written by: Shawna


  1. I love this idea! I think I see some rocks & paint in my future

    1. Thanks! I hope they bring as much excitement to your home as they have brought to ours.