Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sundress from book "Feminine Wardrobe"

Not a very summery picture I know, but I am giving myself massive props for this photo shoot. This was my first time using a tripod, and more excitingly my first time taking a picture of myself all by myself. My camera does this cool thing that I still don’t fully understand. My husband had downloaded the camera’s app onto my phone and I discovered that I can remotely take pictures with it. I can even see what is visible through the viewfinder on my phone. Hence why I am holding my phone in all the pictures so my next task is to learn how to use the self timer!

There were actually a lot of firsts for me with this project. It’s the first time my legs have seen sun in many months :) It was also my first time having to rip open a dress I had sewn because it didn’t fit. And I don’t mean the side seams had to be taken in - but I had to rip open the bust panel and add 3 inches of width to it, I’ll get to that in a bit.
This month for my Japanese project for Sew Japan With Mie, I wanted to make a garment for myself. I used pattern F1 from “Feminine Wardrobe” by Jinko Matsumoto. Tassadit from Rue des Renards made the same dress and looks adorable in it.

To begin my journey I first made a muslin which you can read more about here. Per the size chart I was a perfect fit for a medium, however it was extremely too large for me. I altered the dress and transferred my changes to the pattern with total confidence. Everything was smooth sailing during the sewing, the instructions were easy to follow and the illustrations are really helpful. I added a few things during construction such as understitching and topstitching. I thought the dress came out perfect, until I tried it on. Somehow during all the pattern rework I had made the bust piece way to small, about 3 inches too small. I decided to rescue the dress by adding an insert to the middle of the bust piece. This took a lot of thinking, and more importantly courage. I’ve never opened up a piece like this before. All my seams were serged, all my edges had understitching and topstitching. In the end I figured everything out and my final result came out so much better than my original!


I appliqued two pieces onto the 3 inch fabric square insert, the appliques blend in really well so it’s kind of hard to see. I also added some trim to the seams where I attached the insert into the bust panel. The insert came together pretty easy once I got the courage to start. Being able to tackle this problem was huge confidence booster for me!

I also added some pockets to the dress, because every mom needs pockets.

I know this isn’t the most flattering dress, but I wanted something simple and cool to wear around the backyard or in the neighborhood. And this dress will work great as a beach cover-up too.

Written by: Shawna


  1. So many pretty details on this dress and you look great in it! I actually have that book but I have never noticed this dress. I'll have to go back and look again for it ;-)