Monday, June 6, 2016

Fun In The Sun: Summer Clothes

My little man is in need of some summer play clothes so he can enjoy having fun in the sun without overheating. Do you find yourself protective of the clothes you have made your kids?  I do, especially the time consuming ones, or those created with a more expensive fabric. I didn’t want to be over protective about my son’s play clothes and was very conscious about the price of the fabric and the time put into sewing them. I didn’t buy any fabric for the five items I made my son, instead using what I already owned, along with repurposing some unused clothes.

Based on the reviews by Karly at Paisley Roots, I decided to try out the Twisted Tank by Titchy Threads. I was in need of a new knit shirt pattern for my kids since the last one was a bust, as shown below.

I can get my daughter’s shirts to come out fine with this bust pattern, but the boys….for some reason every shirt has an issue. Either not fitting comfortably over his head or when he was ready for the next size up, the collar came out super wonky.

The downside of the Twisted Tank pattern is that there is only a tank top offered in two variations (no sleeve options). The tank top comes in a regular version as in the first photo and then the “twisted” version as shown below. The “twisted” version is really cool, and even comes with a “twisted” pocket if desired. For the tank top below I used an old wick-away running shirt for the bottom half. If you want to do the same thing look for a shirt with no side seams, or the seams are extended because the twisted tank has very different pattern pieces than a regular tank. I also used the same wick-away material for the arm and neck bands. With the wick-away material on bottom the shirt is super lightweight and breezy, perfect for keeping cool in the sun!

I’ve made four of these tank tops so far. Three in a size 18-24 months, and one in size 12 for a friend’s son. All have come out great, every single one. And the best part, from cut to finish it takes about 2 hours!

Next up on my son’s summer fun play clothes are shorts. I used a free pattern by Oliver & S called Sunny Day Shorts. The shorts are super quick and simple to come together since there are no pockets. What I like most about this pattern, besides being free and great instructions, is that there is a separate waistband piece, instead of folding the shorts down to create the waistband.

I made the first pair of shorts using a very stretchy jegging material, I am not quite sure what it is. I didn’t realize what a pain the material was until I needed to use my regular sewing machine to sew on the waistband and do the hemming, oh jeez it was the biggest pain in my butt. I had to keep reminding myself that they were play shorts and to just get them done. My stitching lines are horrendous. With all that said, the stretch in the material is really nice for Little C to move around in, he is wearing them in the picture above. The second pair I used a chambray and they took a little less than 2 hours from cut to finish and came out great, they are pictured below.

For my son I think these two patterns are going to be a staple in his summer wardrobe!