Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Cosette Dress by Violette Field Threads

My daughter had asked me to make her a princess dress that would touch the floor and hide her toes. We decided on a pattern by Violette Field Threads called Cosette. You might notice that I decided the dress shouldn’t touch the floor because I was afraid she would trip on it. I used a medium weight quilting cotton for the bodice, straps and bottom skirt and a sateen by Lisette that I purchased several years ago for the top skirt and ruffles.

The pattern pieces for the dress were easy to cut out. Most of the pieces are rectangles, and for those I placed next to each other on the fabric. By doing this, it decreased the amount of cutting I had to do.

The next step in construction was pleating the bodice. Something went amiss with this step and is visible in the pictures. The top pleat is very short and the bottom has no pleats.  I’m not sure how it happened so just use caution for this part.

After that, everything was pretty simple but tedious. There is a lot hemming, basting and ruffling. There were a few things I did during construction that weren’t in the instructions. The first was to add a strap holder to the back of one of the straps. The bodice hangs a little low and I wanted to ensure it stayed up. I got the idea from Mie at Sewing Like Mad, I wish I would have added the strap holder earlier in construction so I could have hid the stitching.


In regards to the strap loop, I would recommend interfacing where the strap loop is sewn. The loop has to hold the bulk of the weight of the dress and the fabric there is becoming distorted because of this.

The next thing I added to the construction was when sewing the ruffles to the bottom skirt. The instructions stated to just straight stitch them on, but the raw edges frayed pretty good and the bulk of the seam allowance made the ruffles on top look funny. To finish the raw edges and sew down the seam allowances I zigzaged the raw edge to the under skirt, along with doing the straight stitch. I also premarked my stitching line for the ruffles on the underskirt which made attaching the ruffles so much easier.


All in all this was a good pattern, nothing wrong with the pattern but the dress took several days to make (I only sew during naptimes and sometimes when the kids are in bed). My daughter LOVES this dress and wears it at least once a week.
I hope this review helps with constructing this dress.

Written by: Shawna

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