Monday, May 16, 2016

Personalized ABC Book

 Personalized ABC Book

Written by: Angela

This has become a hit with my two year old and my one year old! I’ve also made these for other family members.

Every kid needs an alphabet book and these are perfect for those little minds! They help them associate things they know and love with their ABCs.

I started by coming up with words for each of the letters of the alphabet that relate to our family in some way. Below are some examples for each letter.

A- aunts, alphabet,

B- big brother or big sister, baseball, bike, bed, boo-boo, blankie

C- cousins, cat (our pet), color, crayons, cold

D- Dada (of course!), dinosaur, dog

E- eagle, elephant, eat

F- family, fruit, fire

G- grandma and grandpa

H- hat (cowboy), horse, house, home, hot

I- ice, ice cream

J- jet (at Dad’s work), Jessie (our Elf on the Shelf)

K- kite

L- lawnmower (Dad’s chore), laugh, listening

M- Mama (of course!), milk, Mickey Mouse, mountain, music

N- nose, nap

O- olive (Dad’s favorite snack)

P- potato, pig, pineapple, peek-a-boo, potty, paint

Q- queen, quiet, quick, quack

R- reading, rabbit (our pet)

S- sheep (theme of their nursery), snake, smile, spider, sticker, shirt, sister, star

T- Texas (where Yaya and Papa live), treasure, tinkle

U- uncles (photos of their uncles), underwear

V- vegetables, van (our car)

W- wagon, water, watermelon

X- X-ray, xylophone

Y- Yaya, yo-yo, yellow

Z- zoo, zebra, zipper

Next, find or take pictures of all the words you came up with. I used to design the books. They have a template for ABC books, but you can also design your own. Upload your photos into the appropriate alphabet letter page. You can also add extra photos on each page with other objects that start with that letter. Order it and you are done!


The books are really fun to read with your little one!

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