Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Flower Sun-Catcher

Spring Flower Suncatchers
Written by Angela
The coming of spring brings such beautiful flowers in bloom. I figured that my kids and I take advantage of the gorgeous sunshine and do an outdoor craft.
Box for collecting flowers
Mason jar lids (you can find them in Walmart in the Canning section)
Self-Laminating sheets (1 per kid)
String or yarn
Scissors/exacto knife
A stick
We started by going on a nature walk. I chose a round loop that I knew had small, pretty and colorful flowers along the path. My kids and their friends gathered flowers of all kinds, yellows, purples, whites. The smaller the flowers work the best. Make sure you collect a nice, thin stick as well.
After our walk, we sat at a table in the park. I gave them each one self-laminating sheet and had them lay out their flowers in whatever arrangement they wanted. Unfortunately I have no pictures of this since it was a windy day and it required all of my hands to make sure the flowers didn’t fly away.
We sealed the flowers into the self-laminating sheet and patted it down. My son enjoyed slamming his fist into the laminating sheet.
We took them home and while they napped, I traced a mason jar lid over the laminating sheets with an exacto knife. I made sure that I picked areas where the flowers were clustered together and displayed a lot of color. You might have to use scissors to cut the circle out once you have traced it with the exacto knife.
I slid the laminating sheet circles into the mason jar lid. It should be a tight fit and stay on its own. I made 3 circles for each stick.
Cut out 3 slightly different sized pieces of string and slide each string into one of the mason jar lids under the laminating sheet. You can tie a knot around the lid to secure the string.
Tie another knot onto the stick. Secure the other two mason jar lids along the stick. Hang it in a window that gets a lot of light!

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