Monday, April 18, 2016

Fun Bird Feeders!

Fun Bird Feeders! Cookie Cutter and Pinecone Bird Feeders

Written by Angela

With the coming of spring, my kids and I love to look out our window at all of the beautiful birds that have started visiting our yard in the morning! In order to attract them, the boys and I made some bird feeders! These are fun, easy and a beautiful yard ornament for our animal friends!

We made two different kinds, both equally simple.

The first was the Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders.


4 cups of bird seed

¾ cup of flower

½ cup of water

Cookie cutter (I used a heart, but you could use Easter eggs, etc…)

Unflavored gelatin (2.5 teaspoons)

3 tablespoons of corn syrup

Mix all ingredients together. Prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper. Use your cookie cutter (which ever shape you choose), place on baking sheet, and hard pack the bird seed filling inside of it. Once you have filled it flush with the top of the cookie cutter, carefully remove the cookie cutter and pat down sides that may have collapsed. Use a straw or unsharpened pencil to make a hole in the top of the bird filling (this will be where you string it up to hang it). Let them dry overnight. Once completely set, put your string through them and hang outside!

The second was the Pinecone Bird Feeders.


Peanut butter


Bird seed


Paper plate


My son did this craft at a park with a friend. It didn’t take too long, so they were able to go play after.

I put some peanut butter and bird seed on separate plates. I then gave the kids a butter knife (not sharp) and let them use the knife to coat the pinecone in peanut butter, while sneaking in a few bites of peanut butter themselves. They then rolled the pinecones in the bird seed. I tied some ribbon at the top of the pinecone once they were done.

When we got home, I let my son pick a tree to hang it on!

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