Monday, April 4, 2016

DIY Vegetable Garden

DIY Vegetable Garden
Written by Angela
I love spring! It is just so gorgeous outside; the weather, the sound of chirping birds, wind blowing in the trees, it is just so relaxing!
With the arrival of spring, I decided to make my kids their own vegetable garden! They are a little too young to work on the one outside so hopefully this one will help them learn about what we can grow together in the future!
Craft sticks (for vegetable labelling)
A wooden crate (purchased at Michael’s or Walmart)
1 yard of brown fabric (you can use cotton, wool, etc… and the amount needed will be based on your crate size)
Various colors of felt (depending on the type of veggies you make)
Sewing machine or you can hand sew
Brown thread (you can use other colors if you want to match your thread with your felt color…I went with all brown since they are in the dirt)
Cotton stuffing
Craft wire (if you want to make some of your veggies stand up like I did with the cherry tomatoes and green beans)
Fabric glue
I went to Michael’s and got a garden wooden crate. It was about $14 on sale, but you can really use any kind of crate you want.
I started by cutting out 3 relatively similar in size, folded over, brown fabric rectangles. Their length and height will be dependent on the size of crate you get. I made mine the width of the crate plus a few inches, taking into account that once I stuffed it with the cotton stuffing, it was going to shrink a little bit. The height I made a few inches higher than the crate height.
I’m going to give the disclaimer that I am by no means an expert seamstress. I rarely measure my material or fix any obvious mistakes. I think the mistakes give it character. With that said, I then started sewing up my brown rectangles.
These brown rectangles are going to be your dirt rows. I sewed up one short side and the long side before I stuffed them with classic cotton stuffing. I made sure they were pretty firm. Make sure they fit into your crate before sewing them closed.
Do this for the other 2 rows (brown rectangles).
Next I started on my felt vegetables. I made cherry tomatoes, a red onion, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, and cucumber. You can do a variety of different vegetables!
I simply cut all of the vegetables out with their appropriate colored felt and sewed them up. I thought about making them more 3D, but this time I just went with the 2D look. I also experimented with the different threading patterns. Some I went with a more decorative look. I also started by sticking with the thread that matched the felt color, but then I went with brown since these vegetables are technically in dirt.
Once the vegetables were completed, I arranged them into the “dirt” rows by height and color; I wanted to keep the brighter colored vegetables spread out. I used craft sticks to make labels for each vegetable and placed them into the “dirt” next to their vegetable.  
I added some green beans and sugar snap peas later, as you can see in the picture. There are really so many types of vegetables that would work well with this.
The tomato and green bean vines were made using wiring that I sewed in between green felt.
I folded over some of the green felt once and cut out leaf shapes to make the leaves on the vine. Then I wrapped the leaf over the sewed up wire in felt and secured it with fabric glue.
You are all done! Hope your kids enjoy their new vegetable garden!