Friday, April 1, 2016

April's Book Recommendation: "What Makes A Rainbow"

Our book recommendation this month is “What Makes a Rainbow”, by Betty Ann Schwartz. This is an interactive book with ribbons used to make a rainbow. This has been well loved book in our home for several years. We even have a inside joke about the last page - It’s a pop-up with a big rainbow and sun. When my daughter was less than a year old she chewed on this page and ate the sun. Everytime we get to this part we make a joke about who ate the sun and whether it burned their tongue! Besides the “who ate the sun” joke, my kids’ love playing with the ribbons and watching the rainbow grow with each page and color. This is such a wonderful read with all of Spring’s showers in our future. I hope this book brings as much laughter to your home as it has to ours!
If you don’t own the book, there is a video on YouTube you can find here.

Written by: Shawna

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