Monday, April 25, 2016

Fun and Unique Diaper Cakes

Fun and Unique Diaper Cakes

Written by Angela

The coming of Spring means the arrival of new life! Now that I have kids, I understand the overwhelming feeling of joy that comes with the final few weeks of a pregnancy. I think it is so important to celebrate not only the pregnancy, but the fact that you are bringing new life into this world. Sometimes I look at my kids and am just in awe that I (with the help of my husband) created two human beings. It is amazing!

Below are some fun and different diaper cakes that I’ve made for family and friends who are expecting!

Stork Bundle

This stork diaper cake is one of my favorites! The stork is just so symbolic of new life and I thought this was a beautiful gift to a new mom!

The striped fabric wrapping up the rolled up diapers is actually a receiving blanket I made. I simply took a receiving blanket I already had from my boys and measured out the same size onto this fun fabric. I added some padding in the middle before I sewed it up into a blanket. I folded both long sides inward in order to wrap around the diapers and tied it with a rubber band before decoratively tying on some ribbon.

The stork is also handmade and is meant to be a rattle toy for the new baby. I drew out the shape of a stork, traced the shape onto fabric and stuffed it with fluff. Before sewing it completely up, I put some jingle bells I had left over from Christmas into the middle of the stork. The hat, eyes, beak, and legs are all cut out from felt.

The diapers are just rolled up tightly and wrapped with a rubber band. Depending on how big you want your diaper bundle will depend on how many diapers you need.


Butterfly Cake

I made this butterfly diaper cake for my sister’s first born. This cake is perfect for baby girls!

The body of the butterfly is a growth chart I found at Hobby Lobby, but you can make one as well.

I bunched up 4 to 5 diapers on each side to make up the wings. I threaded the pink ribbon through an open diaper in the middle of the bunch on each side to secure them to the body of the butterfly (growth chart). I glued girly googly eyes and pink fuzzy pipe to make the antennas.

Happy Spring!