Monday, March 7, 2016

Upcycle Boxes

Upcycling Boxes

My kids LOVE boxes! Who cares what is inside the box! It is the box that counts. We regularly get our diapers from and they send huge boxes. Each time we get new boxes, the boys and I begin imagining new ways to play with them. Here are some fun ways to turn boxes into new toys for your kids!


My 2 year old loves to go into the elevator, press a floor number, close the doors, and wait for me to say “ding!” He flings the doors open!

Coloring Containment:

I get so nervous when my kids play with crayons. It starts with coloring paper, and then we start to experiment with other surfaces…like our walls. So to minimize my stress levels, I’ll put them inside of a box and let them color the walls of the box!


Their dad has a 1970s Bronco that he loves. So I made the boys each Broncos of their own. I simply taped down the flaps of the box and drew a car design on the outside. They like to sit in their “cars” and watch TV. You can also use this idea to have a drive-in movie playdate!


Their grandpa always brings boxes when he comes to visit. He likes to hook them together and pull the grandkids around by a rope. Sometimes he will attach cargo too! The boys love it!

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