Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Potato Egg Stamp

Potato Egg Stamps
Written by Angela
I don’t know if you have noticed a theme with my posts, but my 2 year old son loves stamping...any kind of stamping with almost any tool! I also try to keep the mess controlled as much as possible. For Easter last year, we used potatoes as stamps to make Easter eggs. This was so simple and fun and kept him entertained for about 10 minutes!

  1. A few small red potatoes
  2. Knife (to cut in half and carve)
  3. Bright paint colors
  4. Paper
  5. A creative child

I started by cutting a few small red potatoes in half. I carved little designs in them. I carved out a few holes in one and a few zig-zag lines in another. I laid out some bright paint colors for my son to dip the potatoes in and let him do the rest.
My one tip would be to make sure you cut the potatoes so that they are completely flat on the bottom in order to get a nice stamp design.
We turned his artwork into “Happy Easter” cards for family!

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