Friday, March 18, 2016

Mending A Button On An Elastic Adjustable Waist

Mending A Button On An Adjustable Waist
This upcoming week I am posting about how I turned a pair of my daughter’s jeans into shorts. These pants needed a little bit more work than just a new hem line to make it through the warm months to come though. The pants have an internal adjustable elastic waistband and the two buttons that hold the elastic were in dire need of mending. If you have something similar here’s one way to fix it!

  • Hand Needle
  • Thread
  • Thimble
  • Scissors
  • Two pins

  1. Remove the old button from pants. If it isn’t obvious where the button needs to be sewn on, mark the placement.

  1. Thread a needle with two strands of thread and knot. Secure the thread to pants where the button will be attached, I sew 2-3 back stitches in the same place. Place two needles in a “X” shape, to mark where the button will be, this will create the space needed underneath the button for the thread shank.

  1. Thread the button onto the needle, starting underneath the button and then bringing it back down through the opposite hole (not going through the fabric yet). The needle and thread should be underneath the button, now take the needle and push it underneath the button going through only the facing (wrong side) of the waistband fabric, bringing it out right underneath the opposite hole. The reason for threading the buttonhole and attaching it to the fabric separately is because the needle doesn’t bend and allow you to go through one buttonhole, than the fabric and into the next buttonhole. Also, if the pins get in the way you can remove them, just be careful not to pull the thread too taunt.

  1. With the thread and needle underneath the hole in the button, take the needle through the hole, starting underneath the button. Than take the needle through the opposite hole. Now repeat the step of pushing the needle underneath the button and bringing it out right underneath the opposite hole, catching only the wrong side of the waistband. Take the needle through the holes of the button again. Repeat these steps 2-3 more times than do the other two holes of the button.    DSC_2168.JPG

  1. Once the button is sewn on, bring the needle underneath the button again. Wrap the thread around the base of the button 3-4 times to create the shank. The shank is the part that gives the button it’s lift so it can easily be slipped through the elastic. If the button is too tightly sewn to the fabric, it wouldn’t easily slip through the elastic or a buttonhole.

  1. Secure the thread by knotting or using three back stitches in place. Or do both like me :)

  1. All Done!

Written by: Shawna


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