Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Happy Peepin' Easter

Happy Peepin’ Easter

Written by Angela

I love making cards for family and friends around the holidays!  My two year old loves to do craft time as well so this just makes for a fun time!

This month we have made some Easter cards. These are fun, simple and keep little hands occupied.


Colorful scrapbook paper (for eggs and cards)

Elmer’s glue

Shaving cream

Yellow food coloring

Paper plate


Yellow bird feathers

Googly eyes

Orange construction paper

*My tip is to make one ahead of time so that your little one can envision what you are making.

I started by cutting scrapbook paper squares small enough to fit into an envelope to mail.  I then used a paper plate and mixed the Elmer’s glue and shaving cream (equal amounts of each). I stirred it together and added some yellow food coloring. My son used the fork and splattered the mixture onto the scrapbook squares. On some of the scrapbook squares I had him glue the yellow bird feathers. We did a few of each kind.


Once he was done with the shaving cream/glue mixture, I gave him some googly eyes to stick on and an orange construction paper nose.

I then used some more colorful scrapbook paper and cut ovals out of them. I zigzag cut the center and glued it to the chick as if it had just popped out of the egg!

Happy Easter!


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