Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bunny Hopping Coat

Bunny Hopping Coat
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This past week I participated in the Kid’s Clothes Week Sewathon. At its simplest, the goal is to sew at least one hour each day for a week. I had pretty ambitious goals for this week. I wanted to do a skirt, jacket and pajamas for the kids. The more difficult project was a jacket for my daughter. The bunny coat pattern is from the book “Wild Things” by Molly Goodall. Molly owns a super cute business call Little Goodall, they offer adorable kid clothes.

This jacket was very challenging for me. All the hems are finished with bias binding, something I have never done before. I didn’t realize how much bias binding would be involved with this jacket as this item was not mentioned in the supply list. I believe I used about 4 yards of ½ inch double fold. For the most part the instructions were helpful but there isn’t much hand holding involved - I’m going to guess that is why the pattern is listed at the intermediate level.

For fabric I used a linen that I interfaced with a sheerweight fusible interfacing.  The pattern calls for a woven wool but that was too pricey for me. I didn’t interface the ears and am glad I didn’t, they look nice all floppy. For the lining I used a pink cotton and interfaced the main body pieces with fusible fleece. I also omitted the snap as this wasn’t attached until the very end and I didn’t want the stitching showing on the front of the jacket. I also made the tail detachable, as the instructions state, by attaching the tail to a safety pin.

Some lessons I learned for next time. There is plenty of overlap to swap buttons for ties. If I were going to do the snap, I would sew it on to the lining earlier in the production, so the stitches would be hidden inside the layers. I would also add extra interfacing for strength where the tail is attached - it is quite heavy and I can see it distorting the fabric later on, especially if it is sewn on. I might even try making the tail removable by using magnetic.  I did try the magnets, they didn't work :(

It took me about five days to put this little cutie together, but I am so glad I dove into this project. As soon as I attached the tail, my daughter was begging to put it on and was hopping around the house like a bunny. She was even a good sport about taking pictures!  I can’t wait to have her wear the jacket out of the house!

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