Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bobbin Thread Holder


I own a lot of thread, and with that comes a lot of bobbins. Very quickly I found out that bobbins don’t like to stay wound up, or they like to fall to the floor, releasing a trail of thread behind them. And as usual the devices that offer assistance with this are too expensive for me. My solution is to use elastic and create bands that go around the bobbin to hold the thread in place. I have been making and using these elastic loops for almost as long as I have been sewing and they are a wonderful tool for the sewing room. This is a fairly quick project - it probably took me about 15 minutes from start to finish, though it will depend on how many of these are being made. Let’s get started!

  • Elastic - The width is going to depend on the width of the bobbin. I used ½” wide lingerie elastic. Why lingerie elastic you ask?  For some unknown reason I had bought some and have no use for it. I would think any type would work.
  • Thread
  • Ballpoint Needle
  • Tear-Away Stabilizer or tissue paper (yep that paper you use to stuff in gift bags)
  • Ruler
  • Marking tool - As I have mentioned many times (here and here) my go-to pens are these by Pilot. The ink disappears with steam. However there is an invisible ink that is left behind and can reappear in cold settings, though this has never happened to me.

  1. Mark and cut the elastic about every two inches (this may vary depending on the type of bobbin owned).

  1. Cut a strip of stabilizer or tissue, my strip was about 3x12”
  2. Ensure the sewing machine is ready to go with a ballpoint needle and thread.
  3. Fold the two inch elastic strip in half (raw edges together), place on top of stabilizer and underneath the foot of the sewing machine. Using either a stretch stitch or small zig-zag, stitch across the short end of the elastic.
  1. At the end of the stitching line either back stitch or fix the stitching. Without cutting the thread, place the next piece of elastic underneath the foot and stitch across the short edge. Continue until all the elastics are stitched or you run out of stabilizer. I had difficulty taking a good picture of this step and used the red pants seen in the picture to help.  Again, the red pants are just there to help with the picture taking and not part of sewing the elastics.
  1. Remove the stabilizer with the elastic loops stitched to it by gently tearing it away. The elastic loops will be stitched together with a small amount of thread between each one - cut these threads.

  1. That’s it!  Now you have several bobbin thread holders! You can use a sharpie to annotate on the elastic loop which color is on that bobbin.

Written by: Shawna


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