Monday, March 28, 2016

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Birthday Party

 Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Birthday Party

Written by Angela

This month’s theme is “green,” so for this post I’m interpreting “green” as growth or getting older.
For my son’s second birthday party, we threw a joint Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head party with his friend from school (a girl). It was such a fun and creative theme to play around with. I wanted to share some of the ideas from it because it was a very easy and exciting birthday party to put together.

You can’t have a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head party without a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head! These simple versions of them are less than $10 each and can be found at Walmart or any toy store. They make great accessories to your cake too!

We kept the party to 2 hours long. We realized things needed to keep moving in order to keep the kids interested. We rented a bouncy castle as the main highlight for them. They absolutely loved it!

For lunch, we had a Spud Bar! This was so fun! We baked potatoes wrapped in foil in a crockpot and provided several toppings to include crumbled bacon, sour cream, chives, butter, ham, broccoli and cheese. We also put out several other snacks just in case the potatoes were favored more by the adults.

This was my favorite part! We made pumpkin spice cupcakes (it was November) with caramel icing. This was the base of our potato head. The kids were able to decorate their cupcake with eyes (candy eyes found in the cake section at Walmart), noses (red hots found in the cake decorating section of your grocery store), smiles (gummy Lifesavers cut in half) and mustaches (found in the same cake section at Walmart). The kids really enjoyed decorating their own cupcakes!

For gift bags, I made separate girl and boy Potato Head bags using brown paper bags and construction paper. I thought they turned out pretty well! I stuffed them with random dollar store items specific to gender. If I had more time, I would have ordered Mr. Potato Head stickers online as well.

Besides the bouncy castle, we had a few activities for the kids. We got some cardboard oversized sunglasses, hats, mustaches and other accessories that we attached to short poles for the kids to pose with.

I also made a felt Mr. Potato Head that we hung on the fence. I used a large piece of green felt and sewed a self-drawn Mr. Potato Head outline out of a tan piece of felt. Felt sticks to felt so I was able to make all kinds of various eyes, mouths, hats, noses, and hair for the kids to dress up the Potato Head to their pleasing.

Finally, it all started with a flashy invitation! You can download the template for the invitation here.