Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Snowman Making Kit

Snowman Making Kit

Written by Angela

What kid doesn’t like building snowmen? In fact, what adult doesn’t like building snowmen? I only wish it snowed more where I live in order to take advantage of this activity with my kids on a daily basis!

For those who live in states where it snows often, this kit is something I would keep handy by the front door for when that frosty weather comes around!

I made this kit for Shawna’s daughter for Christmas. Inside the bag there are various snowman accessories for building that perfect snowman!

I made the bag, but you can buy one similar at any craft store. I also stenciled “Snowman Kit” onto the bag using a Sharpie. I made the “Just Add Snow” tag and attached it with some rope and jingle bells.

Inside the bag I included:

 2 large black buttons

A black hat (I found one for $3 at Target)

An orange wooden nose (made of scrap wood that I painted orange)

A scarf (I found at Walmart for $3)

Some extra buttons or black pom-poms for his mouth

A pipe (made from cork found at Michael’s and a wooden stick glued to the cork)





  1. Cute idea! I never build a snowman and I'm surrounded by it!

  2. You should! I thought about sending this kit to you for Christmas! If you make one, send a picture of it!