Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pipe Cleaner and Bead Hearts

I love looking around our house and seeing our kids’ creations.  We have a few places in our home set up to display these little treasures. One of my favorite places is the front kitchen window because it is so prominent both inside and out. This little display site has been blank since the Christmas decorations came down.  To fill this spot Little E and I made hearts to celebrate Valentine’s Day using Pony beads and pipe cleaners. This craft was nice because I already owned everything. I also used this project to work on reinforcing Little E’s color recognition as she still has problems with calling red, blue.
Here is a list of the supplies we used:
  • Pony Beads - These have large eyes for threading the pipe cleaners.
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Bowl - Little E isn’t very good at taking one bead at a time out of a bag, so I  put a small amount in a bowl for her. This saves me from cleaning beads off the floor.
  • Mircofilament Illusion Cord -  I have had this for two years and use it often to hang the kids’ crafts in the windows, however this can be substituted with many other things already in your home.
  • Command velcro strip - There is a single strip above each window and I wrap the filament cord around the velcro fibers and it stays put! This can be substituted for tape, a hook, whatever is available.  I found a link with coupons for some Command products here.

This project took us about 30 minutes and we made four hearts. I “tried” to keep a color theme since I wanted to work on color recognition, specifically red. I couldn’t get Little E to use red beads for her hearts, but she did help me pick out that color for mine.

How to create the hearts:
  1. Thread one bead onto the pipe cleaner and wrap the end of the pipe cleaner  around the bead to create a stop so the subsequent beads do not fall off. I didn’t have a good picture of this, but the picture below shows the ends of the pipe cleaners with the stopper bead.

  1. Keep threading beads onto the pipe cleaner until there is about 1.5 inch left on the pipe cleaner.

  1. Taking both ends of pipe cleaner, wrap the long end of pipe cleaner around the end with the stopper bead, this will make a loop. We used this part to make the inside point of the heart. Again I don’t have a good picture of this step however the finished hearts should give you an idea of how to do this.

  1. Form the heart shape.

  1. Take cute pictures of your kids!


  1. To hang these creations, wrap the filament cord around the center top of heart and hang.

Hope your little ones enjoy this heart craft, and when you are ready to take them down you can break down the pieces of the hearts and make another craft!

Written by: Shawna

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