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Grandparent Valentine's Gift: Heart Stained Glass


Grandparents Valentine’s Gift:
Heart Stained Glass
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What grandparent doesn’t love artistic gifts from the little hands of their grandchildren? It is so traditional to do a parent gift for Valentine’s Day, but what better way to show your grandparents you miss them than to send them a gift from the heart, literally!
This craft is super easy and fun for little ones. My two year old loves to play with glue or anything sticky. So I decided to incorporate that into this fun activity for him.
Heart Stained Glass:
Supplies Needed:
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Various colors of tissue paper (cut into shapes)
Self-laminating sheets (you can get them at Wal-mart or any office supply store)
String or yarn (whichever you prefer)
Suction cup hooks
Hole puncher
A creative child

  1. Cut out various shapes using the tissue paper. I experimented with squares, circles and hearts, but you can use any shape really. Hearts were probably my favorite, since this is for Valentine’s Day. To make it easier, I folded several pieces of tissue paper on top of each other in order to get multiple cut outs at a time.
  1. Open up the self-laminating sheet so that the sticky side is exposed. I would put a book or something heavy of the opposite side of the self-laminating sheet so that it would be harder for my two year old to pull it away.
  2. Let your child place the various tissue paper cut outs all over the sticky side of the self-laminating sheet. It is ok to place them on top of each other, facing different directions, and even on the edges. Let them go crazy with it! I tried not to interfere too much.
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  1. Once they are done, layer the opposite side of the laminating sheet on top of the sticky side. Smooth it out with your fingers to avoid bubbles.
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  1. I then drew a heart shape, by hand, onto the self-laminating sheet, and cut the heart shape out of the sheet. You can cut any shape you want, in fact, this could also be for other holidays as well.

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  1. With the extra self-laminating sheet scraps, I cut out several small hearts.
  1. Use the hole punch to punch out one hole in the top center of the heart and two other holes at the bottom of the heart. You will need to punch one hole in the smaller hearts’ top center as well. 
  2. On the large heart, hook your suction cup hook into the hole punch at the top center.
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9.  Using your smaller hearts, grab some of your string and thread it through the hole at the bottom of the    larger heart. Tie a knot there and do the same through the small heart. These will be hanging hearts from the main larger heart. You can cut the two strings to different sizes. You can also add more dangling hearts if you wanted too!
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  1. Hang in your window and gaze at the beautiful colors reflecting back at you! Send to their grandparents as a special decorative item straight from the “heart” of their favorite grandchild!
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