Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fingerprint Snowman Globe

Written by Angela

“Oh the weather outside is frightful…” It is actually pretty chilly this week; we even got some snow this morning! Though we didn’t have enough snow to make an actual snowman, this craft is cute for those little fingers that anxiously want to touch something!


White stamp pad

Construction paper (blue, orange, black)

Black sharpie

Glue stick

Glitter or fake snow



  1. Cut out a snow globe using the blue construction paper. I used the black construction paper as a base to the snow globe. Glue the black base to the blue.
  2. Press your little one’s fingers into the stamp pad and stamp away. Try to guide them so that what they stamp starts to look something like a snowman.
  3. Once they are done stamping, use the glue stick and run it around the blue background of the snow globe. Let them sprinkle glitter or fake snow.
  4. Cut a small nose out of the orange construction paper. You could even cut a scarf, mittens, or any other accessory out to decorate your snowman.
  5. Draw stick arms, a smile and have your little one sign their new snow globe!

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