Thursday, February 4, 2016

DIY Heart Stamps for Kids

Written by: Angela
My two year old LOVES to use stamps! Usually my good stamps too. This craft combines that love of his and the month of February!
I love to use things around the house for kid’s crafts. Not only is it cheaper, but kids don’t need elaborate craft supplies to be creative. In fact, my kids love to just play with boxes!
Who knew that a toilet paper roll could have so many uses? I simply took a toilet paper roll and folded the end into the shape of a heart. I then put some paint (pink and red) into a box and let my son press his heart shaped toilet paper roll into the paint and stamp it onto a canvas or paper.
You can also use paper towel rolls. If you cut the cardboard to make multiple stamps, I would just advise that you make the cut evenly and smoothly to avoid an uneven heart stamp.

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