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Inaugural Blog Post- New Year Resolutions

Angela and I have been discussing starting a joint blog about our chaotic “mom” adventures for some time now. However, for me it was the fear of the unknown and the ability to find balance in my current life that made me hesitant about starting something so out of my realm of expertise. All I was familiar with was reading blogs and pinning the pretty pictures. After nearly talking myself out of it, I realized that most of my proudest accomplishments in life were a result of overcoming fear. We decided that this was a risk worth taking and running with! Lo and behold! Here is our first post! Though we still face many challenges ahead, we are excited for what our new blogging future brings!  To find out more about us check click here or our link on the homepage.

With the beginning of a new year comes new “resolutions.” It is so easy to fall into the trap of TV advertisements or mall vendors trying to sell you that perfect product that will ultimately shape the “old you” into the “new and improved you!” This year, we are choosing to shape ourselves a little different. We present to you our individual new year’s resolutions!

What are your resolutions this year? Are you going to let fear hold you back?

Shawna’s Resolutions

  • Finances , my big thing I want to work on is building my personal savings account. My husband and I each get an allowance and I am very good at spending every last cent, so I have started to put a set amount away each time I get paid.
  • Fitness, checking the box of generic here. Let me state this first though, I love my body. I carried two babies, ran 50 miles in one day (many years ago), and am healthy, yep I love my body. It has taken a long time to not want to continuously weigh myself and to just love. However I am not as strong as I was in the Army and I am not sure I could run two miles anymore. I also want my children to see me strong so I need to work on strengthening my body. My biggest culprit is time, I like spending my small amount of quiet time messing around on the internet or sewing, not hanging out with my TV and the “exercise of the day” video. This one is going to be tough.
  • Sewing is something that I taught myself about three years ago and haven’t stopped since. Another one of those things where fear slowed me down, but I’m so glad I didn’t let that stop me. I’ve really enjoyed the ability to create things and solve problems. I almost feel like a superhero when my husband asks me to fix something; it is one of the few things that I can do for him. My resolution is in regards to an online sewing magazine subscription I currently have called Seamwork. The subscription provides two patterns every month, but unfortunately, I haven’t sewn even one yet. My goal is to sew at least 4 pieces from the subscription this year. In case you are wondering, the magazine itself is free to read and is full of many wonderful articles. This month they discuss making active wear!
  • Being in the moment with my children is something I really want to work on. I love to make things for them, but I think I use it as an escape from sitting with them. This year I want to cherish real memories with them and enjoy them.   
  • Grow meaningful friendships. I enjoy having good friends, but I feel like I took a break in maintaining them after my son was born because of fatigue. As part of my resolution, I want to identify those friends that I cherish and work on improving those relationships.
  • Deciding on degree plan has brought about the most fear in me in my life right now. Being a military veteran, one of the benefits we earned is an education scholarship. It pays for the tuition, fees, books and rent/mortgage. My husband is currently in a Master’s program taking advantage of his GI Bill, but once he graduates, I would like to go back to school. However, there is one big obstacle in the way, ME. I don’t know what I want to do. I enjoy the flexibility of being home with my kids, but I would like to have a career again. I am also afraid that I won’t get into school. Crazy... but I’ve been home with my kids for 4 years; that is a tremendous lag in my resume. I keep going around in circles about different careers based upon the hours they work and their perceived stress level. I will have to make a decision before the summer and need to apply myself to answering the “what’s next” question.
  • Take a shower before kids wake up in morning is my last resolution. Yep, pretty simple but so hard. This would make my mornings go a little smoother, however like I said before, I enjoy surfing around on the internet, sewing, or make things in the little extra time I have.

Angela’s Resolutions

We did family goals which are below:

  • Read the Bible/pray together
    • our goal is to finish the whole Bible
    • pray together every night
  • Eat healthier (more fruit and veggies)
    • Angela- lose 15 lbs
      • My weight loss would be a mix of various exercises (running, yoga, biking) as well as balancing my food intake with healthier options
  • Community service once a quarter
    • We are working with our church to become more involved with the “Children’s Church.” I would like to teach the 1-3 year old group through interactive activities and stories, rather than just see them play with toys while their parents are in the service.
  • Date Nights- Unbox Love (once a month)
    • Unbox Love is an online service for couples who do not have time to plan dates. It is a monthly subscription where they send you everything you and your spouse need to have an ideal date night at home. Will be featured in an upcoming blog!
  • Couple bible study once a quarter using ordered book
    • My husband and I have couples bible study books that we have ordered that provide guided lessons and questions for you and your spouse to learn more about each other and grow your relationship with God.
  • 2016 2000K Challenge
    • The 2016 2000k Challenge is something I started with family members. Our goal is to run 2000k in 2016, or roughly 24 miles a week.
  • Improve communication
    • Tell each other our problems before they boil over.
    • Turn off the TV more and spend quality time together.
  • Decide on 3rd kid by March
    • We have come up with this as a deadline for multiple reasons. We have been debating for a long time and continue to go back and forth on it. We finally just decided that March would be our deadline for deciding.
  • Work on being more in the moment with the kids
    • Appreciate them and realize this time with them is going to fly by. I can read them one more story, they can sit in my lap a little longer...
  • Read at least 1 book per quarter
    • I’ve been given several books over the holidays and I would like to actually make time to read them.

Written by: Shawna and Angela

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  1. Best of luck to you both in this new "adventure/venture!" The first step is always the hardest and you have already taken it! Kudos!